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You are the entrepreneur you’ve always known you’d become. You put your heart and soul into the operations and management of your company and you’re good at what you do! Of course some days are better than others, but you’ve got a grasp on how to rebound and show that you’ll fight through the tough days to relish the best ahead. This is what being a business owner is all about! And still today it’s the backbone of our great country, serving as a beacon of hope and exemplifying the freedom upon which we were founded.



“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.�

-Benjamin Franklin



With expansion and growth comes the need for money and capital. Growth funds can very well be acquired by saving, but in this tough economy most times a growing business needs every dollar of revenue they earn to get through to the next month. With increasing government regulations and the traditional banks tightening their own regulations many businesses find it impossible to get approved for a loan. I talk to business owners everyday that tell me they’ve been banking with the same institution for decades and that loyalty still gives them no chance at getting a loan, even when their businesses are successfully cash-flowing and profiting year after year. It’s no surprise that they look at small businesses as high risk as the economy continues to fluctuate, thanks in part to their faulty lending practices before the recession. This is what attributed to the housing market crashing along with the economic downturn itself.



Don’t let that discourage you because there are plenty of other options for your growing business, loan options that can be executed in just a couple of days. Statzer Consulting will look at how a business loan can benefit your future instead of scrutinizing the past. Credit history, time in business, industry type, these are factors that your bank or credit union will expect to be perfect before cracking open their checkbook. These hurdles can be overcome because we’ll take a look at your business and see that working capital can be put to serious use so you can put that money to work and grow your business.



There is a passion behind what we do here at Statzer Consulting, and this consultative approach will ensure that you have all of the information about what’s available to you and your business, both on the lending side, and the marketing side. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your growing business and to see what options we can lay out on the table for you today. Give us a call, let’s discuss!




-Eric Douglas Statzer

Eric Statzer

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