Trust – The Most Valuable Business Commodity

eric statzer

A healthy business relationship is founded upon trust. Whether from a customer standpoint, a vendor, partner, even as an employee, trust is crucial, and certainly something that should be established before engaging with any business on any level. Whether you’re an owner striving to earn trust from your customer base, a consumer seeking a trustworthy business for products or services, or a job candidate, seeking that next venture of employment in your life, there are certain characteristics that stand out and establish the foundation of a trustworthy business.


Authenticity is the nucleus of trust. Being authentic means being true to form, presenting yourself as you really are and being absolutely straightforward. This also means abiding by rules, laws and regulations, and always following through with your word. When you schedule an appointment or phone call, don’t miss it. This seems to be more and more common as people aren’t picking up the phones like they use to. It seems that with evolving technology, people rely so heavily on emailing and text messaging, nobody is picking up the damn phone anymore! If you say you’re going to be somewhere, if you schedule a call with someone, just do it! Your credibility will be shattered if you’re the guy who never follows though. Authenticity also means “keeping it real.” Being completely truthful in what you can and cannot do. I don’t agree with “fake it till you make it” in business. If I’m deciding to trust in you and your business and you’re faking it, if you’re pretending, then you’re scamming me, and I’m done with you, forever. Be authentic by presenting yourself and your business in its truest form.

Humility is an alluring trait, especially in business. Being humble has proven to offer a competitive advantage, not only in business performance, but in leadership in general. Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being “hungry” and I’m all for a little competition in the workplace, but nobody likes a pompous ass, the show off, the loud mouth of the office. Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses, this applies to successful business leaders also. As a business owner, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out and asking for help or advice from your team. This will make them feel more invested, and this is what you want, a team that’s invested as if they are all in it together. Humility will help to establish the trust from the inside out. It will reflect in your team’s performance with customers and clients.

Perseverance will lead you through adversity, through adversity you gain experience, and through experience you gain trust. Everyone has failed, if they’ve claimed to have not, they’re lying or they’ve never even stepped up to the tee. Even in failure one can gain trust, because tenacity is a byproduct of adversity, and confidence will prevail as you show that failure is only temporary, and it brings you only one step closer to achievement. Success is often attributed to perseverance more than innate abilities. It’s the sacrifice and unceasing effort that will get you and your business to the top.


A business with a foundation lacking trust will never reach its full potential. Authenticity, humility and perseverance are three characteristics that establish a solid foundation of trust for a business. In business ownership there’s the measuring of value for everything from employees, equipment and technology, to outreach, popularity and perception. These are valuable commodities for any growing business, but their value is hinged upon the most valuable commodity of all, trust. Without it you are nothing, and you’ll have no one. And in business it’s the only currency that matters.

-Eric Douglas Statzer

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